• Your Car is about to get a
    whole lot Smarter!
  • Introducing ZENE
    Smart Car. Smarter You.
    Here to make your car Smart and
    save you a lot in Car Driving and Maintenance Cost!

Car, meet Smart

Get introduced to the future of car technology

Intelligent Problem Diagnosis

ZENE helps you maintain your car in perfect working condition. Know it before your car breaks down and avoid huge service bills.

Drive Better. Save Money

ZENE strives to make you an efficient driver. You will notice a significant change in your car's mileage.

Smart & Real-time Monitoring

ZENE helps you keep track of your car from anywhere in the world! Know if someone tries to sneak in or drives your car outsite a location.

One-Touch Service Booking

ZENE will not only tell you about the problem, but will also connect to best of Service Stations across your city. Transparent and fair pricing guaranteed.

Car Crash Alerts

Get alerted if your car meets with an accident. Track exact location of accident. Request emergency support.

Your Car's Social Network

One click sharing of trips, badges, significant events on Twitter, Facebook or Google. Earn rewards, save on automotive products.

ZENE helps you save more than 20% in Fuel and Car Maintenance cost!

And did we mention "Peace of Mind"?

Do you still need a reason?

Glass Break Alert

Get alerted if someone tries to sneak in, breaks your car's glass or hits your car while you were away.

ZENE is there, working behind the scenes, keeping you informed. Always!

Solution for CNG cars

We have got that covered!

ZENE alerts you if there is a CNG leakage. It will also give you Miles-to-Empty on your CNG tank. Also find nearest CNG station on Google Map.

Intelligent TPMS*

ZENE comes with a highly sophisticated tire pressure monitoring system (add-on accessory).

You will never have to go to the air filling station. Ever again!

Now that we are thinking alike, let's get the cars synced.

Smart App for your Smart Car!

Paired with an intuitive phone App,
ZENE offers a true Connected Car experience

ZENE plugs in your car's Diagnostic Port

ZENE supports all cars
manufactured after 2008

Experience the future. Today. Pre-Order Now

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