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What ZENE Offers

Car's Health

ZENE keeps an eye on how your car is performing. It will alert you if there is a problem with the car or if car is not in best of condition. It will constantly check your car’s engine system for any imminent problem or defect (DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code).

ZENE takes a proactive stand so that you do not get stranded un-informed. It will help you get best performance from your car. Not only that, it will keep a check on your car Battery’s performance as well and alert you if there is any abnormal battery drain.

Accident Alerts

Automatically alert your family and friends if your car meets with an accident. You can choose up to five phone numbers that ZENE will send alerts to in case of an accident.

ZENE will also send accident location that can be used directly on Google Maps. We are also working to provide nearby hospital and emergency response team’s information along with the Alert.

Best Fuel Economy

We aim to get you best fuel economy from your car. And the way you drive the car has direct correlation with the economy that you can get. Our testing suggests that you can get increase your car’s economy by 10-15% just by driving right.

ZENE will give in-car audible alerts if you (or driver) harsh break or accelerate beyond a threshold. It will also provide notification through ZENE phone app, in case you tracking it remotely.

Remote Tracking and Geo-zones

If you are some who is worried about how your cars are being handled or where your kid is at the middle of the night, then ZENE has the right solution for you. You can remotely track your car’s location from anywhere in the world! Live!

You can not only track, but also set multiple zones, crossing which you will receive alert notifications on your phone.

All this happens remotely, in real-time.

Smart Trip Logs!

If you love data, then you will get enough here to keep you satisfied. App’s Trips screen provides you a detailed Trip Log along with driving information such as Economy, Speed, Fuel cost, Engine load and others.

It also provides you feedback on your driving behavior during that trip. You could see the number of times you harshly handled the car or over-sped. You can also merge multiple trips and review cumulative performance data on this screen.

You can view Daily, Weekly and Monthly trips on the Trips screen.

Yours car Social network!

How good is a Connected Car if it can't talk to your social network?

ZENE covers that for you! With ZENE app you can share your car's performance, trip information, badges or awards earned, driving performance with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

You earn ZENE Fuel points every time you share with your social network and the points could be redeemed against other product offerings at ZENE.

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